We’re a one-stop shop for I.T.A.D (I.T. Assets Disposition)

Proudly serving Calgary and surrounding area!

How can we help?

Aside from making your life easier...
Data Security
Keep your strategic data out of reach
  • In-Office Hard Drive Destruction
  • Certificate of Data Destruction
Value Recovery
Keep Money in your pocket
  • Retired assets repurposing
  • Certificate of Repurposed Assets
Electronics Recycling
Keep eWaste out of our landfills
  • In-office Electronics recyclables removal
  • Certificate of Recycling
We Take Pride
In your satisfaction
Benjamin Franklin:

“Well done is better than well said”

We like to keep it simple. We invest in the best tools and the best crew to serve YOU.

Tons of I.T equipment removed (2019)
Free of charge. We pick up the bad with the good and process according to local regulations
Repurposed & sold assets (2019)
Our happy customers recovered money on their retired assets
Repairs Completed (2019)
Adding more value to your retired assets is what we do best!
Tons of e-waste recycled (2019)
Shredded for raw material recycling by a local regulated recycler

Who we have worked with.

Teamwork makes the dream work.
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