Core™ HUGE Update Version: 2.1

Huge Core™ Update!

Core Version 2.1 is a complete overhaul of our existing system. Our clients will still be able to transparently track all of their assets as they move through our process. However, there have been some big design and functionality updates! Read below for a break down or simply login to core to view your new and improved dashboard.


Categorized Dashboard *NEW*

Our user dashboard is divided into four easy view points: New, Recycled, In Stock and Sold. This allows you to view a comprehensive list of any of your assets that fall into these categories. Using our responsive search table you can search for your assets using their ID number, Product Name, Manufacturer or virtually any piece of information that is attached to that asset. As a user you are no longer limited to JUST using the unique ID number to find your assets.


Asset Inspector *UPDATED*

Want to move in for a MUCH closer look at your asset? Easy! Just click the magnifying glass  or the ID number of the asset you want to inspect and you’ll be shown a very robust list of details all populated in real time by our Electronics Technicians.



Asset Timeline *NEW*

A completely new feature (added by yours trulythat allows you to follow the progress of your individual assets as they move through our processing facility. You’ll be able to see notes from technicians, time stamped information pertaining to the repair or refurbishing of your asset. All tracked in real time!



Technicians Checklist

Another upgraded feature, Our technicians checklist will allow you to see what specific tests for functionality have been completed on your asset. You’ll be able to see exactly what features were tested and where things went wrong if repairs were required, Or what went right when we push the product directly into our sales channels.


End Game

As we grow it is apparent to us that our Clients needs may change or that there might be a better way to handle a certain process. We want our Asset Tracking System to be a strong representation of our adaptability and how committed we are to improvement. Becoming more profitable for our Clients and being able to streamline the processing of electronic assets in the most transparent method possible is why we started Trade I.T in the first place.

Thank you to everyone that has stuck with us and we truly hope you find value in our newest additions to Core™

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