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Data Recovery – Store Front

Data Recovery Services

The TradeIT team offers forensic's grade data recovery on laptop, desktop and solid state drives. We currently have a 96% data recovery rate and can often recover all of the files you're missing. The best part about this service is that if we cannot recover anything then you don't pay for the evaluation.

Frequently Asked Questions

1What type of drives can you recover data from?
The best type of drives to recover data from are drives that have not been physically damaged and are intact. If the drive is corrupt we can often restore it or recover specific files that have been lost. Laptop, Desktop and USB drives are the most common drives that we work on.
2Who will see my files and information?
Our technicians will NEVER view your files or private information, luckily most of our restoration process is automated and does not require someone to view each of your individual files.
3What if you cannot recover all of my data?
Our current recovery rate from heavily fragmented/corrupt drives is 96%, meaning that we can generally recover most of your files. If for some reason we are unable to recover any of your data then you will not be required to pay for the drive evaluation.
4Can you do data recovery on mobile devices?
Depending on the physical condition of the device we can often recover files and information from mobile devices.
5Why is your data recovery service so inexpensive?
All of our recovery equipment is stored in house. We have no need to ship your device to another facility - meaning that our services can not only be performed quickly but also at a fraction of the cost of other data recovery centers.
6Can you do online data recovery?
Unfortunately you will be required to physically bring your drive to our store front location (317 37ave NE) so we can inspect and evaluate its condition, we cannot provide any services remotely at this time.
7How do I schedule my drive for data recovery?
Visit us in-store @ 317 37ave NE. Any of our technicians will be able to explain our process to you and book your drive in for service.